Skillathon Material



A labeled photograph of the reproductive tract of a laying hen pdf

A video clip of  Dr. Bacon discussing egg formation and the reproductive tract of a laying hen  To the left of the reproductive tract of the laying hen (stimulated) is the reproductive tract and part of the large intestine of a hen that has not been exposed to long day lengths (non-stimulated).  Long day lengths (vs long nights) signal birds that it is spring and it is safe to start laying eggs, so the ovary and oviduct change from the size on the left to the size on the right.  The non-stimulated ovary is on the lower left with the oviduct between the ovary and the vent.  The large intestine also attaches to the vent and is to the upper right of the vent.


Gizzard, duodenum and pancreas close up photo

Digestive tract unlabeled  updated 2011

Digestive tract labeled  updated 2011


Parts of a Secondary Flight Feather

Parts of a Body Contour Feather



Parts of a Chicken pdf

Parts of a Chicken Skillathon Poster pdf  This is a picture of the same bird with no labels.

Parts of a Wing pdf   See an open wing with the feather groups labeled

Wing Feathers of a Chicken Skillathon Supplement pdf 



Parts of a Turkey

Test Your Knowledge of the Parts of a Turkey

Turkey Head and Neck

Test Your Knowledge of the Parts of a Turkey Head

Turkey Wing Feathers

Heritage Turkey Varieties pdf



Parts of a Drake pdf

Parts of a Drake Skillathon Poster pdf.  This is the suggested poster for skillathons.

The following pictures have more detailed naming of feathers and may be of interest to advanced students.

Advanced Open Wing pdf

Advanced Open Wing Poster Unlabeled pdf

Advanced Folded Wing pdf

Advanced Folded Wing Poster Unlabeled pdf



Parts of a Goose Unlabeled jpg

Parts of a Goose Labeled pdf

Open Goose Wing jpg


Growth and Feed Conversion

Feed Conversion in Broilers wmv

Commercial Turkey Growth and Feed Conversion

Broiler Growth and Feed Conversion pdf

Water Requirements of Poultry


Resource materials for the Poultry Skillathon at The Ohio State Fair:

4-H poultry project books

FFA Poultry manual

American Standard of Perfection

This Ohio State University web site

Youth Food Animal Quality Assurance Curriculum Guide - Ohio State University Extension