2006 Workshop


Research and Demonstration of Agricultural Uses
of Gypsum and Other FGD Materials

September 12-14, 2006
Radisson Downtown
200 N. Fourth St.
St. Louis , Missouri

Sponsored by:
Combustion ByProducts Recycling Consortium (CBRC)
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
The Ohio State University


To bring together agricultural researchers, utility and regulatory personnel, marketers of FGD materials, and other interested parties to discuss agricultural uses of FGD materials and plan implementation of a network of research and demonstration sites for beneficial land application uses of FGD materials.


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Workshop Presentation Links

  • Introduction
  • SESSION I - Review of Agricultural Benefits
    1. What is Gypsum and What is Its Value for Agriculture? Dave Kost, The Ohio State University
    2. Benefits of Gypsum for Soil and Water Management, Darrell Norton, USDA
    3. Turfgrass Growth and Water Use in Gypsum-TreatedUltisols, Max Schlossberg , Penn State University
    4. Effects of Various Soil Amendments on Soil Test P Values, Dave Brauer, USDA
    5. Use of Gypsum for Crop Production on Southeastern Soils, Lamar Larrimore, Southern Company
    6. Soil Reclamation Using FGD Byproduct in China, Xuchang Xu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
    7. Research on Use of FGD Products in Ohio, Warren Dick, The Ohio State University
  • SESSION II - Utility, Policy and Regulatory Perspectives
    1. Use of FGD Byproducts in Agriculture: DOE Perspective, Bill Aljoe, DOE-NETL
    2. The Importance of FGD Gypsum to the CCP Industry, Dave Goss, ACAA
    3. Agricultural Applications of FGD Materials, Jim Roewer, USWAG
    4. Value to Utilities of Agronomic Uses for Gypsum, Lamar Larrimore, Southern Company
    5. Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum Production, Processing and Disposal, Cheri Miller, TVA
    6. Evaluating Life-Cycle Environmental Trade-Offs from Use of FGD Gypsum, Susan Thorneloe, USEPA
    7. Mercury Speciation in FGD: Assessing Transport and Bioavailability Risk, Kirk Scheckel , USEPA
  • SESSION III - Marketer’s Perspectives
    1. FGD Gypsum Use in Agriculture, Doug Snyder, United States Gypsum Company
    2. Synmat's Experiences in Marketing FGD Gypsum to Agriculture, John Glasscock, Synmat
    3. Opportunities and Challenges of Marketing FGD-Gypsum to Agriculture, David Flack, AgSpectrum
    4. Using Calcium Sulfate as a Soil Management Tool, Bob Hecht, Soil Solutions
    5. Service and Product Pitfalls to Avoid in the Agricultural Market, Vern Dearth, Headwater Resources
  • SESSION IV – Research and Demonstration Network
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