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Hybrid perfomance in Southwestern/West Central/Central Ohio.

Hybrid perfomance in Northwestern Ohio.

Hybrid perfomance in North Central and Northeastern Ohio.

Combined Regional Summary of hybrid performance.

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Selecting Corn Hybrids for 2018

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Ohio Crop Performance Trials


Nov.5th update.

Single and multi-year agronomic data is currently available for the Southwest / West Central and North Central / Northeast regions. Upper Sandusky will be harvested when field conditions allow. Results for Upper Sandusky and the Northwest region summary will be updated immediately after harvest. The results can be accessed by following the links on the left side of the page. Information regarding the growing season, evaluation procedures and traits will be available soon. Additional hybrids will be added as soon as marketing information becomes available, as will the combined regional tables (which are especially helpful in assessing hybrid performance across locations).

Nov.12 update - New information available:

Northwest Region summary (Upper Sandusky will not be published)

The Combined Region Summary

Seed Fungicide & Insecticide and Technology Traits information.