We are a DYNAMIC unit working in SCIENCE
     We are a TEAM of talented people from around the world
          Our RESEARCH improves the health of people & animals
               Our DIVERSITY strengthens our science
Research focus:

    * pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and control of animal disease. Our emphasis is on basic and translational studies on enteric, respiratory and immunosuppressive diseases, food and environmental safety, and the zoonotic potential of these diseases. Respiratory and enteric diseases are the most economically significant diseases affecting  food producing animals.

Research areas:

    * diagnosis, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and genomics of bacterial and viral pathogens of human and food-producing animals

    * Caliciviruses
    * Campylobacter
    * Clostridia
    * Coronaviruses (CoV) and SARS
    * E. coli O157
    * Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV)
    * Influenza viruses
    * Listeria
    * Norovirus
    * Rotavirus
    * Torovirus

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