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Saif, Linda J.
Distinguished University Professor
118 Food Animal Health
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 263-3742
Email address: Saif.2@osu.edu
Research Interests
     Research areas include: diagnosis, molecular characterization, pathogenesis, immunity and development of vaccines to enteric and respiratory viruses of swine and cattle. Current emphasis is on the use of monoclonal antibodies and RT-PCR assays for viral diagnosis and strain differentiation; characterization of passive immunity and mucosal immune responses to enteric viruses, development of recombinant DNA vaccines; and studies of mucosal adjuvants and immunomodulators.

     Major extension activities include: the diagnosis of enteric viral infections in swine, cattle, sheep, mink wildlife and exotic animal species using electron microscopy, ELISA and RT-PCR. Enteric respiratory viruses being examined include rotaviruses, coronaviruses, bredoviurses, caliciviruses and small round structured viruses.

L.J. Saif TIE SARS NoV Slides in Powerpoint

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