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Crall Woods, which was originally a part of the Sauers Farm, is a 37.6 hectare tract located in Ashland County, north central Ohio.  


In 1974, the National Park Service designated Crall Woods as a National Natural Landmark. This made the area one of 587 registered sites in the United States and one of only 23 sites in Ohio. The area consists of old growth part (which apparently has never been clearcut since initiation of the oldest cohort about 300 years ago) and a second-growth part (a pasture which has grown into more dense woodland over the past 40 years).





Crall Woods is located in the beech-maple forest region, however canopy abundance of beech in the area is low. Sugar maple is currently the most dominant species both in the overstory and understory. Other canopy species include yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), American basswood (Tilia americana), and Northern red oak (Quercus rubra).


Sharp difference in species composition between upper canopy (with many shade-intolerant species, like oaks, poplar, and basswood) and lower canopy (maple) indicates that the forest at Crall Wood may be in a transition stage.


Geologically, this area was covered by the Wisconson ice sheet about 12 000 years ago.


 In 1964, John Aughanbaugh conducted a detailed inventory of Crall Woods, including species, diameter at breast height (dbh), timber volumes, as well as other characteristics such as bird species present and a list of numerous woody plants, wildflowers, ferns, mosses, and lichens (Aughanbaugh 1964).


Aughanbaugh described the old-growth as, "…rank[ing] among the best of Ohio's known original forest remnants" (1964). He also called the entire stand as a "naturalist's paradise" and believed that Crall Woods could provide extensive scientific knowledge in forestry, natural history, wildlife, and ecology.


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Some information about Crall Wood can also be found at the site of Ashland county here and at the site of Ashland Park District.






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