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The GDD of Avon on 11/26/2015 is 3,331

Summary of Phenological Events

SpeciesPhenological EventGDDLink
Silver Maple  first bloom  34  Info  
Corneliancherry Dogwood  first bloom  40  Info  
Silver Maple  full bloom  42  Info  
Red Maple  first bloom  44  Info  
Speckled Alder  first bloom  52  Info  
Northern Lights Forsythia  first bloom  58  Info  
Japanese Pieris  first bloom  60  Info  
Red Maple  full bloom  75  Info  
Star Magnolia  first bloom  83  Info  
White Pine Weevil  adult emergence  84  Facts  
Border Forsythia  first bloom  86  Info  
Eastern Tent Caterpillar  egg hatch  92  Facts  
Manchu Cherry  first bloom  93  Info  
Northern Lights Forsythia  full bloom  94  Info  
Speckled Alder  full bloom  97  Info  
Corneliancherry Dogwood  full bloom  98  Info Facts  
Norway Maple  first bloom  116  Info  
Border Forsythia  full bloom  116  Facts Photo  
Chanticleer Callery Pear  first bloom  123  Info  
Sargent Cherry  first bloom  127  Info  
Larch Casebearer  egg hatch  128  Facts  
Japanese Pieris  full bloom  129  Info  
Saucer Magnolia  first bloom  133  Info  
Exotic Ambrosia Beetle  first adult emergence  136   
Common Floweringquince  first bloom  137  Info  
Bradford Callery Pear  first bloom  142  Info  
European Pine Sawfly  egg hatch  144  Info  
Weeping Higan Cherry  first bloom  145  Info  
PJM Rhododendron  first bloom  147  Info  
Norway Maple  full bloom  149  Info  
Chanticleer Callery Pear  full bloom  149  Facts Facts Facts  
Inkberry Leafminer  adult emergence  150  Info  
Star Magnolia  full bloom  151  Pests Pests  
Sargent Cherry  full bloom  151  Info  
Allegheny Serviceberry  first bloom  153  Info  
Spring Snow Crabapple  first bloom  155  Info  
Manchu Cherry  full bloom  155  Info  
Apple Serviceberry  first bloom  159  Info  
Spruce Spider Mite  egg hatch  162  Info  
Bradford Callery Pear  full bloom  164  Facts  
Allegheny Serviceberry  full bloom  169  Info  
Saucer Magnolia  full bloom  174  Info  
PJM Rhododendron  full bloom  178  Info  
Weeping Higan Cherry  full bloom  179  Multiple Facts  
Boxwood Psyllid  egg hatch  179  Facts  
Apple Serviceberry  full bloom  182  Facts Facts  
Common Chokecherry  first bloom  182  Info  
Koreanspice Viburnum  first bloom  185  Info  
Regent Serviceberry  first bloom  186  Info  
Japanese Flowering Crab  first bloom  189  Info  
White/Green Ash  first bloom  190   
Eastern Redbud  first bloom  191  Info  
Gypsy Moth  egg hatch  192  Info  
Donald Wyman Crabapple  first bloom  197  Info  
Snowdrift Crabapple  first bloom  198  Info  
Compact Garland Spirea  full bloom  205   
Koreanspice Viburnum  full bloom  205  Facts  
Azalea Lace Bug  egg hatch  206  Info  
Spring Snow Crabapple  full bloom  209  Info  
Viburnum Leaf Beetle  first egg hatch  210   
Carolina Silverbell  first bloom  213  Info  
Common Floweringquince  full bloom  214  Info  
Birch Leafminer  adult emergence  215   
Coral Burst Crabapple  first bloom  217  Iinfo  
Regent Serviceberry  full bloom  219  Facts  
Elm Leafminer  adult emergence  219   
Common Chokecherry  full bloom  221  Info  
Alder Leafminer  adult emergence  224   
Honeylocust Spider Mite  egg hatch  227   
Wayfaringtree Viburnum  first bloom  229  Info  
Honeylocust Plant Bug  egg hatch  230  Facts  
Sargent Crabapple  first bloom  230  Info  
Tatarian Honeysuckle  first bloom  233  Info  
Common Lilac  first bloom  234  Info  
Persian Lilac  first bloom  240  Info  
White/Green Ash  full bloom  240   
Ohio Buckeye  first bloom  245  Info  
Eastern Redbud  full bloom  245  Facts  
Snowdrift Crabapple  full bloom  250  Info  
Donald Wyman Crabapple  full bloom  251  Info  
Common Horsechestnut  first bloom  251  Info  
Hawthorn Lace Bug  adult emergence  253   
Japanese Flowering Crab  full bloom  254  Info  
Hawthorn Leafminer  adult emergence  260   
Flowering Dogwood  first bloom  263  Info  
Coral Burst Crabapple  full bloom  263  Facts  
Dwarf Fothergilla  first bloom  265  Info  
Red Buckeye  first bloom  265  Info  
Carolina Silverbell  full bloom  266  Info  
Japanese Kerria  first bloom  268  Info  
Blackhaw Viburnum  first bloom  269  Info  
Imported Willow Leaf Beetle  adult emergence  274   
Red Chokeberry  first bloom  281  Info  
Wayfaringtree Viburnum  full bloom  290  Info  
Sargent Crabapple  full bloom  298  Info  
Persian Lilac  full bloom  303  Info  
Red Horsechestnut  first bloom  304  Info  
Umbrella Magnolia  first bloom  304  Info  
Pine Needle Scale  egg hatch - 1st generation  305   
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid  egg hatch  308   
Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid  egg hatch  308  Facts  
Vanhoutte Spirea  first bloom  309  Info  
Common Lilac  full bloom  315  Info  
Pink Princess Weigela  first bloom  316  Info  
Blackhaw Viburnum  full bloom  322  Info  
Redosier Dogwood  first bloom  323  Info  
Dwarf Fothergilla  full bloom  325  Info  
Winter King Hawthorn  first bloom  328  Info  
Lilac Borer  adult emergence  330   
Slender Deutzia  first bloom  338  Info  
Japanese Kerria  full bloom  342  Info  
Common Horsechestnut  full bloom  344  Info  
Red Chokeberry  full bloom  351  Info  
Doublefile Viburnum  first bloom  353  Info  
Pagoda Dogwood  first bloom  363  Info  
Red Java Weigela  first bloom  365  Info  
Black Cherry  first bloom  368  Info  
Optimal time to spray for gypsy moth    370   
Common Sweetshrub  first bloom  371  Info  
Lesser Peach Tree Borer  adult emergence  372  Info Info  
Ohio Buckeye  full bloom  374  Info  
Holly Leafminer  adult emergence  375  Info  
Euonymus Scale  egg hatch - 1st generation  406   
Ohio Pioneer Thicket Hawthorn  first bloom  406  Info  
Vanhoutte Spirea  full bloom  406  Facts  
Winter King Hawthorn  full bloom  407  Facts  
Catawba Rhododendron  first bloom  407  Info  
Tatarian Honeysuckle  full bloom  410  Info  
Beautybush  first bloom  417  Info  
Black Cherry  full bloom  419  Info  
Miss Kim Manchurian Lilac  first bloom  422  Info  
White Fringetree  first bloom  435  Info  
Locust Leafminer  adult emergence  437   
Red Horsechestnut  full bloom  440  Info  
Boxwood Leafminer  adult emergence  440   
Doublefile Viburnum  full bloom  444  Info  
Bush Cinquefoil  first bloom  444  Facts Facts Info  
Snowmound Nippon Spirea  first bloom  445  Info  
Red Prince Weigela  first bloom  446  Info  
Pink Princess Weigela  full bloom  446  Facts  
Redosier Dogwood  full bloom  448  Info  
Scarlet Firethorn  first bloom  459  Info  
Black Locust  first bloom  467  Info  
Ohio Pioneer Thicket Hawthorn  full bloom  470  Info  
Red Buckeye  full bloom  471  Info  
Common Ninebark  first bloom  478  Info  
Pagoda Dogwood  full bloom  479  Info  
Umbrella Magnolia  full bloom  480  Info  
Sweet Mockorange  first bloom  482  Info  
Oystershell Scale  egg hatch  497   
Miss Kim Manchurian Lilac  full bloom  498  Info  
Smoketree  first bloom  501  Info  
Catawba Rhododendron  full bloom  503  Info  
White Fringetree  full bloom  517  Info  
Arrowwood Viburnum  first bloom  534  Info  
American Yellowwood  first bloom  546  Info  
Bronze Birch Borer   adult emergence  547   
Multiflora Rose  first bloom  548  Info  
Black Locust  full bloom  548  Info  
Emerald Ash Borer  adult emergence  550  Info  
American Holly  first bloom  556  Info  
Black Vine Weevil  adult emergence  560  Info  
Mountain-laurel  first bloom  565  Info  
Scarlet Firethorn  full bloom  565  Facts Facts  
Red Java Weigela  full bloom  565  Info  
Sweetbay Magnolia  first bloom  566  Info  
Potato Leafhopper  adult arrival  568   
Juniper Scale  egg hatch  571   
Snowmound Nippon Spirea  full bloom  583  Info  
Beautybush  full bloom  592  Info  
Chinese Dogwood  first bloom  593  Info  
Common Ninebark  full bloom  596  Info  
American Yellowwood  full bloom  599  Info  
Smoketree  full bloom  611  Info  
Arrowwood Viburnum  full bloom  621  Info  
Japanese Tree Lilac  first bloom  622  Info  
Bumald Spirea  first bloom  624  Info  
Twospotted Spider Mite  egg hatch  627   
Bagworm  egg hatch  630   
Washington Hawthorn  first bloom  635  Info  
American Holly  full bloom  642   
Multiflora Rose  full bloom  643  Facts  
Northern Catalpa  first bloom  675  Info  
American Elder  first bloom  707  Info  
Sweet Mockorange  full bloom  717  Info  
Red Prince Weigela  full bloom  727  Facts  
Fuzzy Deutzia  first bloom  727  Info  
Fletcher Scale  egg hatch - 1st generation  730   
Washington Hawthorn  full bloom  731  Info  
Calico Scale  egg hatch  748   
European Fruit Lecanium Scale  egg hatch  767  Info  
Greater Peach Tree Borer  adult emergence  775   
Striped Pine Scale  egg hatch  783   
Winterberry Holly  first bloom  794  Info  
Japanese Tree Lilac  full bloom  808  Facts  
Rhododendron Borer  adult emergence  815  Info  
Northern Catalpa  full bloom  816  Info  
Mountain-laurel  full bloom  822  Info  
Dogwood Borer  adult emergence  830  Info  
Oakleaf Hydrangea  first bloom  835  Info  
Cottony Maple Scale  egg hatch  851  Info  
Panicle Hydrangea  first bloom  856  Info  
Fall Webworm  egg hatch  867  Info  
Mimosa Webworm  egg hatch - 1st generation  874   
Fuzzy Deutzia  full bloom  884  Info  
Asian longhorned beetle  first adult emergence  887   
Winged Euonymus Scale  egg hatch  892   
Spruce Budscale  egg hatch  894   
Winterberry Holly  full bloom  897  Info  
Greenspire Littleleaf Linden  first bloom  899  Info  
American Elder  full bloom  909  Info  
Southern Catalpa  first bloom  913  Info  
Bumald Spirea  full bloom  917  Info  
Panicled Goldenraintree  first bloom  924  Info  
June Bride Littleleaf Linden  first bloom  953  Info  
Azalea Bark Scale  egg hatch  957  Info  
Japanese Beetle  adult emergence  970  Info  
Emerald ash borer  50% adult emergence  1,000   
Rosebay Rhododendron  first bloom  1,010   
Greenspire Littleleaf Linden  full bloom  1,047  Info  
Southern Catalpa  full bloom  1,073  Info  
June Bride Littleleaf Linden  full bloom  1,115  Info  
Bottlebrush Buckeye  first bloom  1,158  Info  
Ural Falsespirea  first bloom  1,170  Info  
Panicled Goldenraintree  full bloom  1,251  Info  
Rose-of-Sharon  first bloom  1,347  Info  
Pine Needle Scale  egg hatch - 2nd generation  1,349  Info  
Asian longhorned beetle  50% adult emergence  1,887   
Mimosa Webworm  egg hatch - 2nd generation  1,920  Info  
Euonymus Scale  egg hatch - 2nd generation  1,923  Info  
Magnolia Scale  egg hatch  1,938   
Banded Ash Clearwing Borer  adult emergence  2,195   
Avon 3,331  

The above is a list of phenological events occurring in your zip code area.

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NOTE: We encourage you to grow indicator plants. This will enable you to make pest management decisions that are more specific to your nursery.

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