Dr. Daniel A. Herms


Department of Entomology
The Ohio State University
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
1680 Madison Ave
Wooster, OH 44691
Office: 330-202-3506
Mobile: 330-749-5453

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The Herms Lab focuses on ecological interactions between insects and woody plants, and their implications for pest management.  Our research explores a wide variety of topics including plant defense theory, chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions, phenotypic plasticity in expression of plant defense, and impacts of invasive insects on forest communities.  Currently, our research has a major focus on the ecology and management of emerald ash borer (EAB).

Applied research and extension programs focus on pest management in forests, urban forests, ornamental landscapes, nurseries and Christmas tree plantations.  Specific projects focus on plant health care for arborists and landscape managers; phenology and degree-day models as user-friendly tools for predicting pest activity and timing pest management decisions, and ecologically-sound pest management for the home yard and garden.

We welcome you to explore our webpage to learn more about our research, outreach and teaching, download publications and presentations, and find useful links to programs and projects currently related to the lab.


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