Conducted research on automated detection of Fusarium head blight (FHB) damaged wheat kernels. FHB causes yield reductions of up to 50% and crop losses in the U.S. have exceeded $1 billion.
The U.S. Quality Grains Research Consortium

The Andersons Research Grant Program

Here are awarded proposals with investigator and title. If you would like to learn more about the proposal, please click on the link and you will see the abstract. To receive more information on any proposal, send us an e-mail.

Regular Competition 2013

"Third Edition of the Grain Drying, Handling, and Storage Handbook (MWPS-13)-Using NC-213 Multi-State Expertise for National Impact." (Awarded Proposal to be added.)

Dirk Maier
Kansas State University

"On-Farm Storage of Winter Canola-Study of Lined and Unlined Steel Bins." (Awarded Proposal to be added.)

Carol Jones
Oklahoma State University

Regular Competition 2011

"Application of Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of Aflatoxins and Fumonisins in Maize, Cottonseed, and Peanut Meal." (Awarded Proposal to be added.)

K.M. Lee
Office of The State Chemist Texas A&M University

"Identification of Factors Related to Sorghum Protein Quality." (Awarded Proposal to be added.)

Scott Bean
USDA, Manhattan, Kansas

Regular Competition 2009

"Implementing and Evaluating Traceability Technology in Wheat Storage and Handling." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Brian Adam
Oklahoma State University

"Effects of Mycotoxins on Conventional and Modified Dry Grind Corn Processes for Ethanol Production." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Vijay Singh
University of Illinois at Urbana 

Regular Competition 2007

"Multiplex, Quantiative, Real-Time PCR for Rapid Detection, Identification and Quantification of Mycotoxigenic Fusarium spp. In Durum Wheat." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Charlene Wolf-Hall
North Dakota State University

"Evaluating Energy Efficient Strategies and Product Quality for Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Dry Grind Ethanol Plants." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Dirk Maier
Purdue University

"Scale Up of a Nitrogen Based Stored Product Pest Treatment System for Container Shipment of Specialty Grains and their Products." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Dirk Maier
Purdue University

Regular Competition 2005

"Physical and chemical properties of shelled corn related to conditioning and processing." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Richard Stroshine
Purdue University

"Investigation of methods to improve the flowability of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) during processing, handling, storage and transport." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Klein Ileleji
Purdue University

Regular Competition 2003

"Biological evaluation of reduction of Fumonisim B1, Toxicity in corn grits by extrusion processing." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Lloyd Bullerman
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Development and optimization of a high-capacity continuous-flow dryeration process." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Dirk Maier
Purdue University

"Development and implementation of a thermal death kinetic model for management of Indianmeal moth and red flour beetle in food processing environments." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam
Kansas State University

"Survey of the microbiological quality of the wheat crop from the Northern Plains and evaluation of ozone for reducing microbial loads and mycotoxin content in the wheat." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Charlene Wolf-Hall
North Dakota State University

Regular Competition 2001

"Storability measurement of shelled corn as a means of improving stored grain management practices and preventing losses." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Richard Stroshine
Purdue University

"Implementing CO2 monitoring for early detection of grain spoilage." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Dirk Maier
Purdue University

"Using varietal differences in post harvest insect resistance of Northern Great Plains hard spring and winter wheat varieties to increase profit potential." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Florence Dunkel
Montana State University

"Using temperature and humidity to control Indian Meal Moth larvae in stored grain facilities." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Wm. Wilcke
University of Minnesota

"A decision support system for Mid-Atlantic wheat producers to locate value in the supply chain." (View Awarded Proposal)
Dr. Eluned Jones
Texas A&M University