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Ohio Compost Operator Education Course.  March 28-29, 2017, OARDC, Wooster.  This 2-day course provides a practical understanding of the composting process and the means to address operational issues in involved in the production of compost at large scale facilities.

Learn more about these programs that you may have missed:

Composting in Ohio 2012: A tour of the industry
For the day's agenda, click here.

Manure Science Review 2012
For the day's agenda, click here.

Manure Technology Workshop 2012
On-farm practices to manage manure nutrients today and opportunities for new technologies, including anaerobic digestion.  View presentation slides (click here).

Composting in Ohio 2011: A tour of the industry
Beautiful weather and three unique sites to visit.  Join us on a "virtual" tour of the highlights (click here).

Manure Science Reveiw 2011
A great day with 135 attendees enjoying wonderful hosts and their farm and learning about the importance of water to manure mangement and much more.  Join us on a virtual visit of field demonstrations and links to information sites (click here) and watch the morning presentations (click here), then click on "Past Programs" and complete the short registration).  

Manure Technology Workshop: Turning Manure into CA$H
Advanced technologies to process manure into value-added products and have the potential to remove nutrients and improve air and water quality.  View presentation slides (click here).

Manure Science Review 2010
The MSR was a great success with 130 attendees and plenty of good information.  You can watch presentations (click here) and take a visual tour of the field demonstrations (click here).

Composting in Ohio 2010:  A tour of the industry
Take a virtual tour and check out a few of the highlights (click here). Learn more about safety at composting facilities by viewing presentation slides from the afternoon program (click here).

Virtual Tour: Anaerobic Digester
Dr. Fred Michel, Ohio State University, shares photographs and information from a recent visit two California dairies that use anaerobic digestion to generate biogas from manure. 

Resources from Recent Workshops

OARDC Ohio Compost Operator Education Course
Click on the link below for an interactive spreadsheet to determine feedstock mixes to optimize the C:N ratio and moisture content.

Manure Science Review 2009
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center