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Plant Transformation Laboratory
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
OARDC/The Ohio State University
1680 Madison Ave.
Wooster, OH 44691 USA
Lab Phone: 330-263-3979
Dept Phone: 330-263-3878
Dept Fax: 330-263-3887


John Finer



Ricardo Weber
Post-doctoral Researcher
PhD, UFRGS-Brazil
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Cheri Nemes
Research Associate
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Andika Gunadi
Research Associate
MS in Plant Pathology, The Ohio State University
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Zhifen Zhang
MS Plant Pathology, The Ohio State University
PhD Graduate Student
Working on sunflower transformation
and sunflower and soybean promoter characterization
Contact Zhifen


Ning Zhang
MS Silviculture, Bamboo transformation and regeneration,
Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University.
PhD Graduate Student
Working on soybe
an transformation and promoter characterization
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Kyle Benzle
MS Graduate Student
BS Horticulture and Crop Science
The Ohio State University
Working on isolation and disarming of Agrobacterium
for soybean transformation
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Former Lab Folks