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Vegetable Disease Updates 2013

Rain, Rain and More Rain – What Diseases Can Be Expected On Tomatoes?
We have been receiving more than the usual amount of tomato samples in our diagnostic lab with symptoms of bacterial diseases and Septoria leaf spot. PDF

Onion Anthracnose – New to Ohio
Severe outbreaks of anthracnose were found on dry onions in northern Ohio during July, following a period of excessive rainfall and high temperatures. PDF   

Tomato Cultivars Combining Genetic Control For Two or More Foliar Diseases PDF

Potato and Tomato Late Blight Update
This is our first report on potatoes in Ohio.  We have also had reports of late blight on tomatoes from several home gardens in Wayne County in the last few days. PDF 

1. Late blight was found in Knox and Medina counties during the last week, and is likely throughout Ohio but not reported 
Growers are urged to maintain an effective fungicide program on tomatoes and potatoes. PDF 

2. Late blight was found in Knox and Medina Counties during the last week, and is likely throughout Ohio but not reported
Home garden, high tunnel and greenhouse tomatoes:  Diseased tissue should be placed in a large plastic trash bag and discarded in a trashcan or dumpster. PDF  

Tomato Late Blight in Wayne County, Ohio
Late blight was found today, July 17, 2013, in heirloom tomatoes in Wayne County, OH. PDF   

Time to Scout for Late Blight on Tomatoes
Late blight was detected the last week of May in a hydroponic greenhouse on heirloom tomatoes in Berkeley Springs, WV. PDF 

Cucurbit Downy Mildew Update
Downy mildew was found in cucumbers in sentinel plots in Pike County, Ohio on August 16, 2013. PDF  

Downy Mildew on Cucumbers in More Northern Ohio Counties
Downy mildew was confirmed in cucumbers in Huron County on July 8 and Geauga County on July 9. PDF       

Downy Mildew Confirmed in Wayne and Medina Counties
Downy mildew was confirmed in cucumbers in Wayne and Medina counties in Ohio on July 3.  Northern Ohio cucumber and melon growers should commence preventative fungicide programs if not already started. PDF   

No Reports of Cucurbit Downy Mildew in the Great Lakes Region
Despite the cool, rainy conditions the past several weeks, there have been no reports of cucurbit downy mildew in Ohio, our neighboring states or Ontario. PDF  

Prepare for Downy Mildew on Cucumbers and Melons
While downy mildew has NOT been reported yet;it is time to think about preparing to manage the disease if you are producing cucumbers or melons, particularly cantaloupes, in Ohio lake counties and down as far south as Holmes county. PDF 

Diseases of Garlic
Last month we reported on our identification of a Potyvirus in garlic samples caused by Leek yellow stripe virus. PDF 

Virus Disease on Garlic
Garlic samples from two farms in two northern Ohio counties were received in the OSU Vegetable Pathology lab. PDF