Plant Breeding Summer Workshops                             
Session 1: Field Design and Analysis Session 2: Marker Assisted Selection Session 3:  Genome Wide Analysis
May 23-27 2016 June 6-10 2016 June 27-July 1 2016

Introduction to R Statistical Software

Linear models of phenotype, heritability, & gain under selection

Randomized Complete Block Designs

Augmented and lattice designs for trials with many entries

Best Linear Unbiased Predictors (BLUPs)

Partitioning Variation and estimating heritability

Genotype by environment interactions

Selection indices

Field Tour

Introduction to R for marker-trait analysis

Molecular marker platforms and scoring

Basic marker-trait models

Populations for breeding and mapping

Linkage analysis and Linkage disequilibrium (LD)

Genetic Variation in Populations

Selecting for Recombination

Background Genome Selection

Population sizes required for selection

Field Tour

Introduction to R packages rrBLUP, GAPIT, BLR

Random effects models

The structure of breeding populations

Association Mapping

Genome wide selection (GWS)

Incorporating genomic selection in a breeding program

Selection for multiple traits

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Resource Links:

Introduction to R Statistical Software

Estimating Heritability and BLUPs for Traits (R)

Introduction to RR BLUP

GAPIT for Genome-Wide Association Studies

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Getting Here   Where to stay:
OARDC Campus, Wooster, OH   Black Squirrel Inn Bed and Breakfast (5 minute drive to campus)
Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE)

Each Module is open to registration from practicing plant breeders, allied professionals and students. Registration is $450 (students) & $850 (others)

St. Paul Hotel, boutique hotel (located within walking distance of restaurants, <5 minute drive to campus)
Akron Canton Airort Registration includes lunch Tue-Fri. Best Western Hotel (located within walking distance of restaurants, <5 minute drive to campus)
    Hilton Garden Inn (located across the street from campus)
    Other lodging options
    Dorm-style rooms, subject to availability, may be arranged through OSU campus housing.