Eastern Station

Station Information
Location:   Noble County, in Caldwell
Latitude:  39.7478
Longitude:  -81.5167
Elevation:  744 ft 227 m
Data Collected Since:  4/23/2009
Location Website:  Link

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Latest Weather Information for Eastern Station

Date & Time 8/19/2018 5:45:00 PM EST
Precipitation 0.00 mm 0.00 in
Air Temp 25.4° C 77.7° F
Solar Radiation 2 watts/m2 0.1 Langleys
Humidity 61.9 % 61.9 %
5 cm Soil Temp -15.3° C 4.37° F
10 cm Soil Temp 26.14° C 79.05° F
Scalar Wind Speed 1.683 m/s 3.76 mph
Wind Direction 18.54° 18.54°
St. Dev. of Wind Direction 23.99 23.99
Leaf Wetness

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Historical Weather Information

Some historical data is available as images of printed reports.  Please contact it-oardc@osu.edu for more information.  Please specify the time and dates in which you are interested.