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Convovulus arvensis

Field bindweed flower; color varies from white to pink.

Field bindweed flower; note small leafy bract about an inch down the stem.

Comparison of field bindweed (bottom) and hedge bindweed (top) leaves.

  • 'Convolvo' is Latin meaning 'to entwine'; 'arvens' is Latin for 'of cultivated field'.

  • By the 1920's, many states proclaimed field bindweed a serious weed, especially states west of the Mississippi including California, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Texas.

  • Stems always twine around objects in a counter-clockwise direction.

  • Field bindweed flowers persist for a single day.

  • Field bindweed serves as an alternate host for several vegetable viruses.