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Daucus carota

Wild carrot flower head.

Wild carrot in soybeans.

Elongated shoot of second-year wild carrot plant, growing in corn.

  • 'Daucus' is from 'daukos', which is Greek for carrot.

  • 'Carrot' is Celtic meaning 'red of colour'.

  • The are numerous legends about how this plant became associated with and was named after Queen Anne, wife of King James I of England.

  • Devil's plague was a common name given by farmers who found this weed difficult to control; rantipole means rude and reckless.

  • It is not known if there are benefits associated with having a purple flower located in the center of some flower clusters. A study showed that insects were neither attracted nor repelled by the presence or absence of the flower.

  • The first year roots of wild carrot are reported to be edible, but care must be taken to not mistake poison hemlock for wild carrot.