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Linaria vulgaris

Yellow toadflax infestation.

Yellow toadflax flower.

Yellow toadflax with tip removed to show leaf arrangement.

  • 'Linaria' was derived from the Latin 'linon' or 'linum', which means flax, because the foliage looks similar to that of flax.

  • 'Toadflax' refers to the resemblance of the flowers to toads and the foliage to flax.

  • 'Butter-and-eggs' refers to the yellow and orange color of the flowers.

  • Toadflax has been used medicinally to treat various ailments. Teas and lotions made from the foliage were used to treat such complaints as constipation, jaundice, insect bites, and throat problems.

  • Toadflax was widely used to make yellow dye.

  • According to Scottish superstition, walking around toadflax 3 times will unbind any spell, and the English believed that 3 toadflax seeds strung on linen thread would ward off evil.