Contact: L.V. Madden
The Ohio State University/OARDC

Essential Workshop Files

Meta Analysis Workshop

Files necessary for the workshop.

Past Workshops and Other Software Documentation

Some SAS programs, as well as a few programs in Fortran or Pascal, that I have written or co-written with reasonable documentation are available here (collaborators are listed in the documentation).

  • These files were used in the Generalized Linear Mixed Models workshop at the 2016 APS meeting.
  • These files were used in the Meta-Analysis Workshop given at the Tri-Societies Meeting, 2015.
  • These files were used with the Bayesian Analysis Workshop    Bayesian Workshop
  • Intro GENMOD Videos for Bayesian Analysis Workshop    BayesWork
  • Files used with Instructional Videos for Introduction to SAS    SAS
  • Powerpoint and SAS files from 2012 Factorial Workshop    Factorial Workshop Files
  • SAS programs for fitting generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs) to disease incidence (proportion) data.     GLMM For
  • Meta-analysis workshop (including programs) for 2012 conference
  • Multi-treatment meta-analysis (Biometrics).     Piepho et al (Biometrics 68 1269-1279(2012)).zip
  • Mixed models and generalized linear mixed models (SAS programs and power point)     2010 Workshop
  • Beta-binomial and other discrete distribution fitting software.
  • Spatio-temporal autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation analysis of disease intensity.
  • Nonparametric analysis of factorials (including split plots and repeated measures) using SAS procedures and macros.      Nonparametric
  • SAS program for polynomial distributed lag (PDL) regression analysis.
  • SAS programs for linear regression analysis and instructions on modern approaches to regression analysis.     Regression
  • SAS programs for repeated measures analysis and instructions on modern approaches to repeated measures.    repeatWork2007_table of
  • Nonparametric analysis of the interaction of genotype (or treatment)and environment.                      Concord Example
  • Spatial analysis by distance indices (SADIE), new index.