Welcome to Bioproducts and Bioenergy Research Laboratory (BBRL), Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, Ohio State University.

Dr. Yebo Li's laboratory (BBRL) is located on Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) campus of The Ohio State University. Dr. Li's research focuses on biomass feedstock logistics; biological and chemical conversion of biomass and processing waste to fuels, chemicals, and polymers; and algae culture for production of biofuels and bioenergy.

2013 group


2/12/2015  Proposal "Production of polycarbonate biopolyols from corn-ethanol process byproducts for PU Applications" submitted by Drs. Yebo Li and Xiaolan Luo was funded by OARDC SEEDS in the amount of $50,000

1/25/2015 Drs. Yebo Li and Xiaolan Luo's Proposal "Soybean oil-based polycarbonate polyols via the incorporation of CO2 for polyurethane coatings" was funded by United Soybean Board in the amount of $96,987.

12/10/2014 Two propsoals submitted from BBRL received this year's Coca-Cola Sustainability Grant from awardsThe Office of Energy and Environment: 

  • Johnathon Sheets, Adam Khalaf, Alexandria Jensen and Braydi McPherson for the project "Sustainable Conversion of Organic Waste from Campus into Fuels and Chemicals."
  • Yu Dang, Xiaoying Zhao, Amir Yousif, Elizabeth Wagner and Kathryn Van Winkle for the project titled "Production of biodiesel and polyurethane (PU) foams from campus wastes."

7/16/2014 Ms.Fuqing Xu received the FIRST place (Ph.D. Category) Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award on the 2014 annual meeting of America Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). More information.

4/24/2014  Xinjie Tong received the Third Place Poster Presentation Award (M.S. Student Category) on the 2014 OARDC Annual Meeting.

4/9/2014 Adam Khalaf and Dang Yu ( new students for 2014) received OSU fellowships for graduate study.

4/9/2014 John Sheets received 2014 FABE Graduate Teaching award and Siam Racharaks received 2014 FABE Graduate Research Award (M.S. Category).

4/2/2014 Siam Racharaks has accepted an offer from Yale University for Ph.D. study.

3/27/2014 Fuqing Xu received the Taiganides FABE Graduate Student of the Year Award for 2014.

3/5/2014 Dr. Liangcheng Yang (Postdoctoral researcher) has been offered a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position at Illinois State University.

12/4/2013 Dr. Yebo Li together with two other OSU professors (Drs. David Cole and Liang-Shih Fan) has been named to the 2013-2014 Who's Who in Energy List compiled by Business First Columbus. More information.

11/7/2013 Dr. Caixia (Ellen) Wan (Ph.D. student of Dr. Yebo Li) received a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position offer from The University of Missouri.

7/10/2013 A proposal submitted by Drs. Yebo Li and Xiaolan Luo to the Ohio Soybean Council has been approved for funding in the amount of $64,857.

4/25/2013 Dr. Yebo Li received the 2013 OARDC Distinguished Junior Faculty Researcher Award for development of an outstanding research program focusing on bioenergy and bio-products processing and technologies

4/25/2013 Dr. Jiying Zhu received the Second Place Poster Presentation Award (Post-Doctoral Scholar Category) on the 2013 OARDC Annual Meeting.

4/11/2013 Johnathon Sheets (graduate student)  received  2013 graduate research award of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering Department, OSU.

4/2/2013 Dr. Yi Zheng (Postdoctoral Researcher) received a tenure track Assistant Professor position offer from Clemson University.

3/30/2013 Ratanachat (Siam) Racharaks (graduate student) received a 2013 National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowship (3 year)  award.

2/3/2013 The work of BBRL to develop biofuels from algae was highlighted in the Columbus Dispatch. More information.

10/3/2012  OSU President E. Gordon Gee visited Bio 100 Technologies, which produces biopolyols from crude glycerol using the technologies invented by Dr. Yebo Li's group. More information.

10/1/2012  Dr. Yebo Li (PI) and collaborators received a 6.5 million dollar grant from USDA-DOE Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) program. More Information.

8/1/2012  Dr. Yebo Li receveid the Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award from American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). More Information.

7/11/2012  BBRL research on the fungal pretreatment of corn leaves, stalks, and cobs was reported on Science Daily. More information.

5/16/2012  The proposals of John Sheets (M.S. Student). Fuqing Xu and Shengjun Hu (Ph.D. Students)   was funded by the OARDC SEEDS program . Congratulations!

4/26/2012 Dr. Jian Shi and Dr. Xioalan Luo from Dr. Li's lab received first place and third place awards in the Research Associate and Postdoctoral Researchers category, respectively on the 2012 annual OARDC conference.  Congratulations!

4/3/2012  Shengjun Hu's (Ph.D. Student) poster “Production and characterization of biopolyols and polyurethane foam from crude glycerol based liquefaction of soybean straw”  received the 2012 Energy Research Poster Session Innovation Award from The University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO). Congratulations!

3/22/2012 Congratulations!  Ratanachat (Siam) Racharaks (new graduate student) has been awarded  the FAES Environmental Graduate Research Fellowship in the amount of $22,000. Stephen Park (Ph.D. Student) has been awarded the Charles E. Thorne Memorial Associateship award in the amount of $18,000.

12/9/2011 Dr. Yebo Li received a grant from USDA NIFA Critical Agricultural Materials Program in the amount of $418,965 for biopolyols and polyurethane coating research. The co-PIs of this project are Dr. Rudolph G. Buchheit, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Dr. Bhvik Bakshi, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

11/8/2011 Dr. Yebo Li is the recipient of the OSU 2011 Early Career Innovator of the Year award. More information.

9/20/2011 "Methods for producing polyols using crude glycerin"  developed by BBRL was awarded US patent on September 20, 2011. More information

6/14/2011  The proposal of Stephen Park (Ph.D. Student)  was funded by the OARDC SEEDS program in the amount of $5,000. Congratulations!

5/18/2011  Stephen Park (Ph.D. Student)  received the 2010-2011 Rev. P T Taiganides - Prof. R E Stewart Memorial Award for his outstanding achievements at the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, OSU. Congratulations!

4/28/2011 Two members of Dr. Li's team won awards at the OARDC Annual Conference.  Ms. Lo Niee Liew won first place award in the M.S. Student competition and Dr. Zhifang Cui won first place award in the Postdoctoral Researchers competition.  Congratulations! More information.

7/22/2010  Collaborating with TouchStone Research Laboratory, Dr.  Yebo Li and his team received a grant in the amount of $6,239,542 from the US Department of Energy for algae research. More information

5/19/2010  Ms. Caixia (Ellen) Wan received the Henry J. Barre Graduate Study  Award from OSU's Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering. Congratulations!

5/11/2010 Dr. Yebo Li received the 2010 Lumley Research Award from the College of Engineering, The Ohio State University.  

3/29/2010  Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland toured the BBRL on March 29, 2010 and discussed bioenergy research with Dr. Yebo Li and his students. More Information.