Grafting Methods



You can find information on grafting methods for vegetables and tomatoes at the links below. This information is tailored to growers in Asia. We are developing a comprehensive and integrated effort focused on rootstock breeding, grafting techniques, and field production of grafted tomatoes. Check  back for updates as new information is added.

Cleft Graft

Hot Water and Chlorine Treatment of Vegetable Seeds to Eradicate Bacterial Plant Pathogens - Extension Factsheet

Grafting Tomatoes for Production in the Hot-Wet Season - Asian &development Center

Grafting for Disease Resistance in Heirloom Tomatoes - North Carolina State University

Cleft Graft Quick Guide - Ohio State University

Reasons for Graft Failure - Ohio State University

Tube Graft

Instructional Grafting Videos

Grafting Video (English) :::: Grafting Video (Spanish)

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