Conducted research on automated detection of Fusarium head blight (FHB) damaged wheat kernels. FHB causes yield reductions of up to 50% and crop losses in the U.S. have exceeded $1 billion.
The U.S. Quality Grains Research Consortium

NC-213 Impacts

  • Automated detection
  • Measures insect infestation
  • Color image sorting technology
  • Bioactive Compounds
  • Organic systems
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    NC-213 is a project team of engineers, scientists, and economists from leading U.S. land grant universities and government research centers that conduct research to create and disseminate the technical knowledge needed to manage quality food safety and bio-security efficiently in world grain.

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    NC-213 Annual Meeting 2020 -  Please see this message from NC-213 Chair, Griffiths Atungulu


    To  NC-213 members and Partners. 

    We are living through a unique, and hopefully rare, historic event with the coronavirus outbreak that is now responsible for taking thousands of lives. 

    While some regions are still only reading and hearing about this disease, others NC-213 partner institutions and collaborators have already received restrictions on travel, which are completely understandable. We suspect that those restrictions will only become more stringent in the next couple of weeks. We are also learning of conferences and events across the country being canceled due to the coronavirus, particularly those that may have international attendees. 

    After much thought and discussion the NC-213 executive Board members held a meeting on March 11, 2020 and made the decision to postpone this year’s  meeting. We apologize for any inconvenience that postponing the March 24-25, 2020 meeting may cause and truly regret having to do this, but as we all realize, this pandemic is of historic magnitude and we don’t want to risk anyone’s health.  We especially want to express gratitude and appreciate GEAPS willingness to allow NC-213 to meet with them, attend their Banquet, and share the Awards Ceremony. 

    During our executive committee meeting, the NC-231 administrative advisor/coordinator, Gary Pierzynski stressed that, regardless of the decision, OSU will continue to support NC-213 Activities, such as funded research projects.  Gary also shared with the group travel restrictions imposed at The Ohio State University. Bill Koshar shared travel restrictions at other NC-213 Member institutions. Meeting alternatives were discussed and the Pros and Cons of each option. The group as, a whole, felt that ZOOM or Skype would not be a good option. Discussion was also held about having presentations available via YouTube or another platform. Another decision that was agreed upon, was to wait until we hear about the Damage Fee situation and then regroup to discuss options. The group felt we wait at least one month, then regroup. 

    We will be following how events unfold in the following weeks and hope to regroup and decide the next meeting date. 

    Stay safe! 


    NC- 213 Chair, Griffiths G. Atungulu

    Associate Professor & Agricultural/Food Engineer

    University of Arkansas & Division of Agriculture

    Tel: 4795756843



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