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Management Practices

DM Cucumber

Managing Downy Mildew in Organic and Conventional Vine Crops [pdf]
Hot Water Treatment of Vegetable Seeds to Eradicate Bacterial Plant PAthogens in Organic Production Systems [pdf]
Hot Water and Chlorine Treatment of Vegetable Seeds to Eradicate Bacterial Plant Pathogens [pdf]

Solanaceous Crops 

Anthracnose on tomato bacterial canker on tomato fruit

Anthracnose of pepper [pdf
Anthracnose of tomato [pdf]
Bacterial diseases of tomato (Innovative web-based factsheets)
Bacterial spot of pepper [pdf]
Bacterial spot, speck and canker of tomatoes [pdf]
Bacterial ring rot of potato [pdf]
Black leg, aeril stem rot and tuber soft rot of potato[pdf]
Early blight of potato and tomato [pdf]
Fusarium dry rot and seed-piece decay of potato [pdf]

Fusarium and verticillium wilts of tomato, potato, pepper and eggplant [pdf]

Late blight of potato and tomato [pdf]
Phytopthora blight of peppers and cucurbits [pdf]
Rhizoctonia stem and stolon canker of potato [pdf]
Septoria leaf spot of tomatoes [pdf]
Scab of potato tubers [pdf]
New! Immunofluorescence Assay Detection of the Soybean Rust Pathogen [pdf]
Blossom End Rot of Tomato, Pepper and Eggplant [pdf]

Vine Crops

Phytophthora fruit rot on pumpkin

Gummy stem blight and black rot of cucurbits [pdf]
Powdery mildew of vine crops [pdf]
Fusarium wilt of vine crops [pdf]
Bacterial wilt of cucurbits [pdf]

Phytopthora blight of peppers and cucurbits [pdf]
Mosaic viruses of vine crops


Clubroot on radish

Black rot of crucifer [pdf]
Downy mildew of crucifers [pdf]
Clubroot of crucifers [pdf


Damping-off and root rot of beans [pdf]