Current and Past Industry Partners

6062 Holdings LLC
AccuDX Inc.
ADM Alliance Nutrition
Alpaca Jack's Suri Farm
American Aggregates Corp.
American Berry Cooperative
American Coal Ashland Association
American Hosta Society
American Jersey Cattle Association
American Sustainable Rubber
Ampac Seed Company
Antorchas Foundation
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
Argus Control Systems Ltd.
Arisdyne Systems, LLC
Around the World Gourmet
Asgrow Seed Company
Athersys Inc.
Athersys, Inc.
BASF Plant Science GmbH Agrarzentrum Limburgerhof
Bass Endowment
Bayer Advanced LLC
Bayer Corporation
Bayer CropScience LP Envrionmental Sciences
Bedding Plants Foundation, Inc.
Berlin Natural Baker, Inc.
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
Boehringer Ingelheim-NOBL
British Columbia Greenhouse Growers' Association
British United Turkeys of America
California Avacado Commission
Camelid Health Foundation
Campbell R & D
Cargill Animal Nutrition Center
Cattlemen's Carcass Data Service
Center for Asceptic Proccessing and Packaging Studies
Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT)
Central Ohio Hosta Society
Certified Angus Beef
Ciba Crop Protection
City of Columbus
Cleveland Metroparks
Cognis Deutschland GmBH & Co.
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research
Cooper Farms, Inc.
Dairy Management, Inc.
Debevc Farms, Inc.
Dinamica Generale US, Inc
Donlar Corporation
Dow Agrosciences
Durable Poly Solutions LLC
Dynal Biotech
E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co.
Eagle-Picher Minerals, Inc.
Edstrom Industries, Inc.
Elanco Animal Health
Electric Power Research Instituate
Eli Lilly and Company
Farmland Industries
FarPoint Enterprises, Inc
First Energy
Five Points Equipment Co, Inc
Floriculture Industry Research and Scholarship Trust
Food Science Austrailia
Fremont Pickle Growers Association
Fruit Growers Marketing Association
General Chemical
George F. Ackerman Company
Great Lakes Hosta Society
Green Circle Growers, Inc
Gregson Technologies, Inc.
Gustafson, Inc.
Harris Moran Seed Company
Hillshire Farm and Kahn's
Hirzel Canning Co.
Holmes Cheese Company
Holmes Cheese Table
Hormel Foods
Horticultural Research Institute
Hortigenetics Research (S.E. Asia) Ltd.
Iams Company
Iams Corporation
Ideasphere Inc.
Industry Univers
Infectech, Inc.
Ingredient Innovations International
Integrated Research Technology, LLV
J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation
Jarrow Incorporated
Jatco, Inc.
Jiangxi Provincial Centre of Irrigation Experiment
Kamiasahi Feed Lot, Ltd.
Kanter Associates
Kosicek Vineyards
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Kurtz Brothers, Inc.
Laleure Vineyards
Land O'Lakes Inc
Lilly Research Laboratories
Lipha Tech, Inc.
Lipton Tomato Research Center
Lois Smucker's Greenhouse
Loveland Industries Inc.
Loveland Industries, Inc.
M & G Polymers USA
M Cellars
Magical Farms, Inc.
Mansanto Company
Maple Leaf Farms, Inc.
Mars Chocolate North America, LLC
Martek Biosciences Corporation
Merck Research Laboratories
Merial Limited
MicroBio Limited
Mid-America Food Processors
Middlefield Cheese
Midori Renewables, Inc
Midwest Regional Hosta Society
Ministry of Culture, Education, & Scientific Exchanges, Spain
MTD Products
National All-Jersey Inc
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Sea Grant Program
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Fiber and Composites Corp.
Natural Fiber Composites Corporation
North American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation, Inc.
Nourse Farms, Inc.
Novartis Crop Protection, Inc.
Nunhems USA, INC
Nursery Growers of Lake County Ohio, Inc.
N-Viron International, Inc.
Ohio Bioprocessing Research Consortium
Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center
Ohio Corn Marketing Program
Ohio Crafted Malt House LLC
Ohio Dairy Farmers Federation, Inc.
Ohio Dairy Producers
Ohio Floriculture Foundation
Ohio Fruit Growers Society
Ohio Lawn Care Association
Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc.
Ohio Pork Producers Council
Ohio Poultry Association
Ohio Seed Improvement Research
Ohio Sheep and Wool Program
Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program
Ohio Soybean Council
Ohio Space Grant Consortium
Ohio Vegetable and Small Fruit Research and Development
OHP, Inc
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
Optimum Quality Grains, L.L.C.
Organic Genomics
Organic Technologies
Organic Valley
Otterbein College
Park Foundation
Pennington Seed, Inc. Oregon Division
Pharmacia, Wyeth Ayterst Research
Philip Morris, Inc., Shared Solutions in Agriculture
Pig Improvement Company
Pioneer Hibred International, Inc.
Polter Berry Farm
PolymerOhio Inc.
Protein Technologies International
Purity Foods, Inc.
Quality Liquid Feeds
Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements
Rainforest Phytoceuticals
Rhodia, Inc.
Roche Vitamins Inc.
Rootella ™
Schillinger Genetics, Inc
Schmack Bioenergy
SCI Protek, Inc.
Select Sires
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.
Small Farm Institute
Smithers-Oasis Company
Southwest Research Institute
Standard Process Inc.
Sustane Natural Fertilizers
The Andersons, Inc
The Chef's Garden, Inc.
The Cookie Cop Company
The Garland Company, Inc.
The HANOR Company, Inc.
The Iams Company
The Scotts Company & Subsidiaries
Theis Technology Inc.
Thomas Cook
Toh Products, L.LC
Top Soil Precision Ag
Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund
Trimble Navigation Limited
Tropical Traditions
Turkish Republic Harran University
University of California, Davis. Sub award to USAID
Valent USA Corp.
Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC (Biagro Western Sales)
Vermilion Valley Vineyards
Vineland Enterprises LLC
Warner Endowment Grant
West Texas A & M
Wilmington College
Woori Carbon CO
Zinpro Corporation