Urban Forestry


The forestry program at Ohio State provides a balanced, integrated program of teaching, research, and service with specific strengths in forest biology, management, and reclamation. The program's goal is to educate professional forest managers who can think critically and integrate ecological principles within sociopolitical frameworks. The forestry curriculum:

  • combines an intensive liberal arts core with a comprehensive professional forestry major;
  • integrates social, biological, and applied sciences through interdisciplinary courses; and
  • emphasizes private, nonindustrial forest land management.


Davis SydnorDr. T. Davis Sydnor
Professor Emeritus
School of Environment and Natural Resources

Contact Information

Research Interests

  • Selection, evaluation, establishment and management of woody vegetation for use in an anthropogenic environment;
  • Investigations into the effects of the environment on plants in an urban situation; and,
  • Development of interactive tools for the management of urban vegetation.